Cirali / Olympos

Cirali and Olympos Beach 78 km (50 miles) far from Antalya and 26 km (16 miles) from Kemer. Cirali is one of the districts of Ulupinar.

Ulupınar established by the nomads who came around Fethiye ve Manavgat.

90 percent people of Ulupinar live in Cirali.

Before tourism the natives were farmers. And they grew sesame, corn, wheat, orange, lemon and pommegranade. After that thew built greenhouses and grew vegatables like tomatoes, succini, cucumber, eggplant etc.

Cirali beach (olympos beach) is 3,2 km ( 2 miles) long. Caretta caretta turtles come and make nests every year. The water is clean and clear as a glass.

We are approximately 300 meters from the beach at the center of the cirali.

The olmpos beach has won the best beach in the worl award in 2003.

Chimera (khimera) is in Cirali too. There is a harmless source of gas and it burns for 2000 years. There are also historic places there. You can visit them near the fire and you can feel like 2000 years ago.

Photos from Cirali

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